Spurred by the purchase of a gorgeous antique
Voiglander Euryscop IV #3 that someone had
expertly put into a Compound shutter sometime
before 1910 is my guess.

voigtlaender euryscop serie iv #3 in pneumatic release compound shutter

Again, no name is on it anywhere as the machine
work to mount it in the shutter has left the
original barrel behind, and the engraving has
been lost with the barrel.

mizpah reflection firehouse 2 i

1st image done with our old favorite, the 7" no
name WA anastigmat soft focus.

mizpah reflection firehouse 2 ii

Then, the next four are all done with the beautiful
old Voigtlaender Euryscop IV #3 lens.  This is the
Mizpah Hotel reflected in the window of Firehouse 2.

tonopah skyline i

Next I spotted this wonderful old Tonopah scene
with all of the corrugated tin and the leaning tin

tonopah skyline ii

tonopah skyline iii