This little set of photos of the ubiquitous '39
Ford Pickup was done late afternoon behind
the Monkey Wards store in old town Tonopah.

'39 behind old monkey wards, tonopah, euryscop iii

I had 3 antique lenses I wanted to use a bit.  This
first image was made with a Voigtlander Portrait
Euryscop 3rd Series #4 of 11 1/4" focus.  I shot
it at f9

'39 behind old monkey wards, tonopah, no-name soft wide i

Next I switched to an ancient no-name Special
Wide Angle Anastigmat of 7 inch focus.  The
aperture is missing and it was probably originally
designed to be throttled way down to manage
the spherical aberrations.  Silly me, I love the
spherical aberrations.

'39 behind old monkey wards, tonopah, no-name soft wide ii

This one is same lens, new angle.  It was really
too bright to be messing with pictures, but we
did anyways.

'39 behind old monkey wards, tonopah, 10 ¾ dagor i

For the final two I switched to the oldest Goerz
Dagor I've ever seen.  It's a 10 3/4" one in a
1903 - ish Compound shutter.  The machining
to put the lens into a shutter has banished the
original inscriptions, and the only clue to it's
stately elegance is the name GOERZ on the
compound's speed change dial.


This lens was sold on ebay as a parts or repair
item.  The front light has a ghastly gouge that
would make all but the stoutest of heart retire
it forever.  I happen to know better.  I filled the
gouge in with black ink so that it won't cause
flare, and this lens is just astonishingly sharp!