Then, add to that, the Universal Heliar changes focal length
drastically, becoming a shorter focal length as you add
diffusion, and I was doing lots of changes trying to get
3 different somewhat identical images.

door handle, 14" Heliar, f4.5

I don't get many sitters in Tonopah, plus a rather shy and
retiring type, I put off the few that I do get and tend to
make them uncomfortable, and thus, a Model A Ford is
a near perfect muse for me.

door handle, 14" Portrait Euryscop, f4.5

She's got curves galore, and style at any angle.

door handle, 36cm Universal Heliar, f4.5 diffusion 2

A generation has almost passed that would get a twinge of
emotion looking at these images and thinking of days gone.

cowl lamp, 14" Heliar, f4.5

During the car shortage during WWII, the thousands of
serviceable Model A Fords held value far different from
the other makes.  You could always get a few more miles
out of a Model A.

cowl lamp, 14" Portrait Euryscop, f4.5

I'm old, but I'm not part of that generation.  I caught the
virus as a 3 or 4 year old riding through aspen groves and
pines in an open Model A Ford that was the 'camp car' at
a place where my grandparents vacationed every year in
the Eastern Sierras.

that's me in my grandma's lap, about 1955. Kodachrome made with an Argus 35

Yes, it is a virus like any other.  Seems since the age of 13
or so, there's always been a Model A around the place in
some state of repair, or "dis".  I'll go through times when I
think I'm well, and then BAM! 2 more of them show up.

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