It's been a while since I've done one of these comparison
pages, but people seem to like them, and besides, google
images finds my little web pages when folks type in "Euryscop"

steering wheel, 14" Heliar @ f14

I had these three lenses in the 8X10 Kodak 2D kit waiting for
at least 3 weeks, and opportunity never seemed to happen,

steering wheel, Series iii #5 Portrait Euryscop @ f14

So over MLK weekend when my wife's cleaning ladies
ordered me out of the house, I decided it was time to
put these to work.

quarter window, 14" Heliar @ f4.5

The lenses are 3 Voigtlander products, a 1905-ish 14"
Heliar, a 1903-ish Series III #5 Portrait Euryscop, also
14", and a later (uncoated) 36cm Universal Heliar.

quarter window, Series iii #5 Portrait Euryscop @ f4.5

The Universal Heliar and the Portrait Euryscop were
both new 2 me within the last month (which has been
very detrimental to the Model A restoration funds!)

quarter window, 36cm Universal Heliar @ f4.5

You would surmise that 3 14" lenses would all be
interchangeable with little focus difference on identical
subject, but you couldn't be more wrong.  There was
a huge difference in focus between the Eury and the

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