5 new images today made on 6½X8½ full plate.

big wheel

I had 2 goals with these.  Funny why I stop and take
photos.  Here they are.  I wanted to listen to a message on
Revelation 20 in the dark room, so needed something to do.
And second, I wanted to use a little 8¼ Goerz Artar that I
planned to sell.

Model A Reflections

The reason for doing images with the Goerz is; it's such a
little scuzzbucket of a lens, I figured no one would want
it at any price unless I could show by photos what it's
capabilities are!


100% @ 300dpi

You know, it's rare to knock out 5 images in 20 minutes
with full on full plate, and pull them from the developer, and
be five for five.  I like 'em all!  How often does that happen??

1935 Reflex Korelle

100% crop at 300dpi

These were all done with the wee Artar.  It's not a Red Dot,
but I think I see the remains of early coating.  Mottled now,
but there, I think.  This lens has it's share of cleaning sleaks,
and also even a bit of fog.  Add a portion of internal dust
and you'll be close to a very accurate description.

Ford script

But the proof is in the pudding!