I'm supposed to be painting the trim on the house.  But
it was oppressively hot, so I fiddled with some other
stuff that needed to get done.

About 6:30, the heat broke and clouds rolled in.  Beautiful
light.  And the Model A coupe was shouting 'drive me!'

So I threw the 5X7 Speedy kit in the trunk and headed
up to the grocery store to get some Turtle Wax for the
Model A.

done with the 10" component of a 7" Gundlach Hyperion wide open f6.3

After that I cruised through old Tonopah looking for a
venue for my muse, the late '31 Model A coupe.

as above

Down an alley these old garage buildings looked right
for the job.

done with the 12" Struss Diffusion lens.

So we have a mini comparison of 2 big name lenses, and
an old favorite 'no-name' meniscus thrown in for good measure.

Struss 12" wide open

The first 2 are done with Gunlach Hyperion 7", except I
took the front off and used the rear group alone, which is
a fine 10" f6.3 diffusion lens.

done with the ancient 'no-name' LBB&Co. achromatic meniscus lens

Next is the Struss.  By the way, you can click on these if
you're interested in seeing a much larger file.  Much is lost
in the small jpg's that are necessary for the page to load
and look right.  The bigger files are 5X7 @ 360 DPI

LBB&Co. meniscus

Finally, I pulled out the LBB & Co. Meniscus lens for 2 shots.
Why'd you stop at 6? you say.  Because that's what
fits in a JOBO 3006 tank, of course :~'))