Saturday, March 28th was one of those early spring days
that gives the first full blush of summer.  It was just gorgeous!

'38 staged in front of old buildings in Goldfield used as a movie set. Miroscope lens wide open

The '38 Ford coupe, like summer, was also in early stage transition.
Almost civilized enough to go places, but not really.  There's
still a ton to do before it's ready for prime time touring.

Baxter, CA Sheriff only lives in the movies. Gundlach Hyperion, wide open

Still, I decided it would be fun to put it on the highway and
make a dash to Goldfield, NV. 26 miles away, for a patty-melt
and some photography.  Goldfield always beckons the camera!

Some like it sharp. Zeiss Tessar, f45

After a great lunch at the Dinky Diner, I headed over to Bink's
house to talk Ford flathead.  Traditional hot rods, done the
way that the lads that returned from WWII dreamed of
building while they were slugging it out in europe.

'38 grille and door window reflection. Zeiss Tessar, f45

None of this dopey rat rod crap.  Z'd frames dragging on
the ground with wheels sticking out where the window
regulator used to be.  Mail box for a carburetor scoop.  A
whole generation that doesn't Get It.

'38 grille ala Hyperion, wide open

Bink is a recluse, unless you speak Pre-War Ford.  Then
you're welcome.  He lives exactly how he wants to live
in a fixed up Goldfield ghost town house with plenty of
shade and outdoor relaxation.

it's all about 'stance' and attitude ~ Gundlach Hyperion, wide open

He's got this arbor in the shade with a couple of rocking
chairs where old guys can look through a Speedway Auto
parts catalog and talk Fords.

Bink's flathead, not mine. Makes me break the 10th commandment
thou shalt not covet they neighbor's flathead

Actually, the '38 is too new for Bink.  He's a Model A guy.
Still, he couldn't stop looking at the curves on my old girl
sitting in his dirt drive.  A '40, NEVER!  But he was digging
the sad eye '38.  A unique Ford.  And it has a flathead.

Same, but with some serious Hyperion 'buzz'

Flathead fords with duals and Smithies mufflers have a
mellow music that you only hear now, in old movies.  I
knew Bink would want to hear it, so I purposely left it in
neutral with parking brake on.  That way, you just reach
in the window, push the starter button, and the first piston
up does the rest.  Sweet.

Bink with the Zeiss

After looking at progress on Bink's A, I decided it was time
to do an environmental portrait of Bink in his world.  2 Ways.

Bink with the Hyperion

The soft focus images with a Gundlach Hyperion on 6.5X8.5,
and the sharp ones with a Zeiss Tessar.  Both were 12" lenses
so it made interchange easy.