I visited my daughter in The Dalles, Oregon the week
of Sept. 15, and we made a pilgrimage to WAAAM.

stearman mail

Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum is
in Hood River, Oregon and well worth a trip for gearheads
of all kinds.

coffin nose cord

I grabbed the bare essentials, my venerable Kodak 2D
8X10 camera, with 6½X8½ full plate back and a Cooke
Series II 13" lens of 1895 vintage and just 6 sheets of film.


The light inside the giant floor space is mostly available
light through windows up high, so the exposures ranged
from 1/8th second wide open, to seven minutes stopped
down to f32+

spars & cables

The Cooke lens is similar to what Hurley used to photo-
graph Shackleton's Endurance expedition in Antarctica.
It was made in 1895, so predates the aeroplanes and the
autos as well.

lens flare

With a large plate camera, and 330mm focus to infinity
lens, the photographer chooses what he desires to be
in focus.  Thus some of the images, like the one with
the Cord automobile are sharp from front to back,
while others, like the wing spars, or the Stinson use
selective focus to force your eye to the photographers
chosen point of focus.

pietenpol - a leap of faith

The Pietenpol was necessary for my friends at Fordbarn.
I enjoy 2 Model A's.  A '29 Roadster, and a late '31 Coupe.