Time for a new 'Recent Work' page which,
we shall simply call 2014 Work.

Maybe there's a 2015 Work page in our future??

A Page Done With the Zeiss 300 f4.5 Wide Open! 02-15-14

A Model A trip to Goldfield for a Hamburger and some photos. 01-18-14

Work with a Goerz 8 1/4" Artar 03-07-14

Showing off the signature of a rebranded Versar!
Northwestern Portrait & Group Lens 03-10-14

03-29-14. Spring! Rexo Roadster - Cinephor Coupe

09-17-14. A Visit to Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum

09-27-14. 2 Pinkham & Smith Series I #3 lenses compared to each other!

10-26-14 Pictures from a battered Pinkham

12-18-14 '38 Ford at Lambertucci's with Pinkham Bi-Quality
and Bausch and Lomb 8X10 Tessar

12-19-14 Portraits of Mike and Sam!
Pinkham Bi-Quality & Cooke Series II Portrait

12-24-14 Finishing 2014 STRONG with a bonanza!
14 images made with soft and sharp lenses
at the Fergusons Gallery in Sparks Nevada