March 29, 2014.  Spring is here.  T-shirt weather.
Well, 61 degrees is Tshirt weather to us!  It was
a lovely overcast day and I had a couple of
new-2-me antique lenses to play with.


So Dame Model A said she would do the honors.
You folks are probably sick of Model A pictures.
2bad ;~'))

dame model a

The first five are made with a Bausch & Lomb
Cinephor projection lens.  A modified petzval design.

wild n fast ~ the lens, not the car

But it's one of the ones where the front element
magnifies the rear one in order to accomplish greater
speed.  Thus it is a 5" f2.4 petzval!


And it is very short coupled, so I know the swirlies
will be wild with this particular design.  Not much
for looks, it's very industrial 1935 looking.  Ugly.

gas cap

But my oh my what it can put on a piece of 4X5 film.
With that kind of speed, the Speed Graphic with
curtain shutter is the only camera that I know of
that can handle this lens speed with no aperture
and no shutter!

rexo roadster i

Next is a funny little Burke and James Rexo 165mm
f7.5 1914-ish lens in the little Ilex Auto shutter that Steve
Grimes has forever ruined the reputation of.

I sort of like them.  They never fail to be funky,
and almost always work just fine.

rexo-roadster ii

Rexo was the B&J house name, and at f7.5 it was
obviously a very cheap little entry level lens.  I have
no idea who made the glass.  BnJ didn't.  Probably
Ilex is as good a guess as any.  It is a triplet.  2 in
front, and 1 in back.

rexo-roadster iii

So I take the one in the back, flip it, and put it
up front, and put the 2 front glasses behind the
aperture.  Just to see if it's pleasingly soft.

And it is!

Here are some images of the lenses.

The Cinephor is a giant light pipe!  2 1/8th inches of light on a
4 inch sheet of film!!

DOH!  Now I see that I didn't plug holes in the 4X4 lens board.  The
Cinephor images were pretty flarey, but it didn't help at all that
I had screw holes letting non lens light pour in also!


The front is on the back and the back is on the front, and the rear
element which is now up front is reversed.  Pour little thing, it's
all mixed up.