Here are some shots I did with Eddie Gunks
after the May 2011 workshop was over.

pristine country

I call this area the Pink Butte, because from the
road to Belmont, if you look over at these rocks
at the base of the mesa lands you see these
distinctive rocks standing out alone and they
often appear pink - ish.

one eyed choirboy

I took the Chamonix 4X5 and shot exclusively
with the 120mm Schneider f5.6 HM lens, one
of the sharpest lenses on earth.


I've considered including this area in the workshop,
and may yet do that but with these caveats.  It is
7 miles of decent dirt road over there with the
last mile perhaps requiring a truck or SUV that
has ground clearance.  Probably a little worse
than the secret spot that we have gone to.

sleeping turtles

The other issue is there is some hiking involved.
After you park the vehicles you climb another
200 additional feet in elevation before you start
shooting.  The ground is very loose under your
feet and it isn't particularly easy going.  I once
fell here and destroyed a Bogen tripod while
slightly damaging my Deardorff.


What immediately strikes you is the pristine
quality of the site.  Humans simply don't come
here.  You won't see a track.  And the rocks
and designs before you are simply gorgeous.

juniper tree

It's not very big.  I think 6 people here could
stay out of each others way, and go in different
directions perhaps 2X2.  But 12 or 14 wouldn't
work.  If we do it some time perhaps we can
split the group and some of the folks go to
Belmont, and some go here.  Just thinking out
loud.  You can fly there in Google Earth if
you drop in 38° 19' 17.09"N  116° 55' 36.43"W

black spill, white rocks