The photographs that follow were the result of a
happy collision of 2 forces.  First my friend, Clair,
complained that they had hired a photographer
and asked him to photograph the windows of the
Mizpah Hotel.  They got nothing.

belvada reflection

The windows are newly cleaned!  The first time
in perhaps 35 years?  It's been a long time, and
they are looking beautiful!  The Mizpah is under
serious restoration and will be back to it's former
glory very soon.  Everyone in Tonopah is enthused!

belvada reflection ii

The second event was that I picked up a gorgeous
antique camera at the post office today, and was
in the mood to try it out.  It is a #10 Pony Premo
5X7, an advanced amatuer's camera that could have
 as well taken these photographs in 1911 as now.


I was stunned at the condition.  The bed was a
little floppy so I added material to the screw holes
and tightened it up.  I marginally cleaned the lens
and it looked like a new camera.

mizpah style

The lens is an
advanced anastigmat design for 1911, a very good
copy of a Zeiss Tessar.  Tessar's are still in production
today.  You can see why.  The camera that made
these is 100 years old.

old fire house & headframe

In all, these took perhaps 40 minutes to do.  One
of those times when the planets seem to align and
excellent things happen.  No, they're not HABS/HAER
quality.  The little Pony only has limited movements.

entertainment gambling

The Pony Premo is a 5X7 inch camera. 

the handsome little Pony Premo #10