Here are the first of many photographs where
2 hobbies spill over into each other.

I have been a Model A addict since childhood.
But my other great love is for large format
photography, and especially the 'look' that
the 1910's portrait lenses bring to a black
and white pallete.

These first fruits were done with a new to me
Goerz Celor 16 ½ inch lens.  Yes, Virginia,
420mm focal length shining on a sheet of
8X10 film.

The camera is a Kodak 8X10 2D of equivalent
vintage as the car.  But the lens is probably
1910 - ish as it has the old US scale for the
aperture that was obsolete by the 1920's.

Anyways, enough photo-speak.  Hope you enjoy
these half as much as I did making them.