On Aug 1st my high school buddy of long standing, Glen,
called and I could over-hear that he wanted to talk to me
so he could yell at me.  My wife said it won't do any good,
I do it all the time, and handed the phone to me.

dana & glen

Glen said it was my fault that he was planning a trip to
southern Cal. and would probably be hauling a Model
A Ford home behind his truck.  Did I want to go?

cavin & cole

Oh, heck ya.  So I called my boss and got the time off
easily, and a road trip was ON!  I met Glen on Monday
AM in Bishop, Ca. and we proceeded on down to
So. Cal to stay at his brothers house.

36cm heliar wide open

I brought the 8X10 camera and a bunch of film and
lenses for the adventure.  The car in question was a
1929 roadster and it was purportedly in original shape.

roadster & pump, heliar

It was hard to get any back story on it as the gentleman
who had owned it was in mid stages of alzheimers and
his grandson just didn't really know how long he'd had
the car.  40+ years was the best guess.

2nd owners, glen is 3rd

Tuesday AM we started out for our destination East of
Pasadena and with some confusion pulled up to the
curb where the Model A was sitting inside the open
garage.  A deal was made and the car was on it's way
to Nevada!

glens new car ii, cooke lens

This car shows 09063 miles on the working speedo
and no sign of ever being restored.  The doors shut
like a car of that mileage should and it is 100% complete.

nevada home base, cooke series IV lens

glens new car i, heliar lens

It looks like a So. Cal. garage queen that got a mild
freshening in the early 1960's.  That is my guess.

roadster, voigtlander petzval lens

selective focus, dusk, cooke lens

Enjoy the photos!