Over the weekend, 6-29-2008, I got to do some first
shots with a new to me Hermagis Eidoscop in the
diminutive size of 150mm.  I'm very familiar with
it's big brothers, having both a 480mm and 375mm
versions of this design.

Pam's clock

Soft lens designs were geared for minimum 8X10
format portraiture when they were made.  In 8X10
you take advantage of the massive area so that
detail doesn't get lost with a soft focus lens.  But
did the designers know how to translate that down
to 4X5 without the image becoming so much mush?

Chickering Grand

To test the little guy on 4X5 I set up a small
bouquet on top of the piano that would have
fine light on it.  For two of the shots I included
f4.7 (wide open), f6.3 (one stop closed) and f12.5.
The differences are drastic.  What a gorgeous
little lens.  Much more work to do with this
one, but these are a start!

bouquet #1 f4.7

bouquet #1 f8

bouquet #2 f4.7

bouquet #2 f6.3

bouquet #2 f12.5

bouquet #3 f4.7

bouquet #3 f6.3

bouquet #3 f12.5

As always, let me know what you think!  Did the
lens designer make the translation well?