A 2fer this weekend!

The 12" f6 Darlot Landscape lens was taken along
on a trip to Peavine Creek with my grandson's
Jonah & Caedon Needham.

puff balls

My intent was to further test the 150 Eidoscop so
the 4X5 Deardorff was the camera at hand.  The
Eidoscop wasn't seeing well out of doors so I put
the Darlot on the camera and was instantly smitten!


Never my intent to use this lens on 4X5, I had
pictured it with 6 1/2 X 8 1/2 format and 8X10.
But it has a lovely look on 4X5!  Able to bring
out intimate portions of a landscape.

Jonah 6, Caedon 5

So how do you shoot an f5 lens on a bright
day out of doors with no shutter?  I did these
shots with this procedure.  After my focus was
set, I would put the velvet and leather cap on,
load the film, pull the slide, and just barely start
the lens cap away as I slipped the dark slide behind
the hovering lens cap.  Then I slipped the dark
slide up and back as quickly as capable to
expose the Kodak Commercial 4127 film that
I rate at asa 32.

Jonah, tall grass

Knowing these were likely over-exposed I
processed for just 4 3/4 minutes in 1:1:100
PyroCat HD.  The negs are mostly perfect
and will print beautifully.

Peavine Creek

I will guess the lens at about 1880.  This was
it's first use since owning.  Sweet!  Oh, the boys?
It was my day to watch them, and being all
boy 5 & 6 year olds, I knew they'd get bored
and set the curtains on fire in about 10 minutes
at the house, so we went for a picnic.  :~'))