On Labor day 2006 I made a trip into the
Ancient Bristlecone Forest in the White
Mountains, Ca.

Because we had broken camp and I was
actually enroute from Bishop to Tonopah
with our camp trailer, I unhitched the camper
and left it under a shade tree just E. of Laws, CA
and proceeded up Silver Canyon to the Bristlecones.

Silver Canyon is an adventure all it's own.  It
begins at 4130 elevation and tops out at 10,522
in seven miles.  If you do the math, that's very
nearly impossible to gain that elevation in that
distance, and indeed it actually is impossible
to go up this road without a 4WD vehicle with
some serious ground clearance.  When I got
to the summit, the grease in the front
differential was boiling.

For these photos I proceeded right on up
to within a mile of the locked gate at the
research station, then proceeded east at
approximately 11,500 elevation.  HEY!
Is that a record for a 12X20 camera??!!  I
think I'll lay claim and wait for it to be disputed.

When I stopped at my first photo location
the tire on the L. rear was going flat.  Time
to put one of my 2 spares on.  The road at
this point was so steep the only safe way
to hold the truck while jacking was to let
the front bumper impact the giant tree you
see in picture 4.

Needless to say, Brett Weston was entirely
correct that with a camera this size, all of
best shots were within steps of the vehicle.
Even more true at 11,500 feet!  The photos
are in the order made and if you click on them
a larger version with more detail will replace it.