These images were done at my daughter's home
while she was in the hospital giving me my 6th
grand son on June 18th, 2011

I had called the hospital but my wife said, just
hang out, it'll be a while.  So I got out the trusty
Kodak 2D 8X10 and made these images with
the diminutive Bausch Lomb 10" f5 Petzval.

ebony lily

First to catch my eye was a strange lily.  The
lily is almost ebony in color so it is subdued in
black and white.

office chair full petzval

Next the designs and patterns on the back lit
office chair caught my eye.  This would be a
subject to use some of the different modes
possible with this particular old petzval. 1st
is with the full petzval.

office chair split rear group petzval

Next I removed the front and seperated the
2 glasses at the rear, putting the inner one
up front and the outer one in back.  That
gives a very soft lens.  I love the minimalism
of this shot.

office chair front group at back petzval

Finally I put the front group in the rear of
the lens by itself.  It is an achromatic
meniscus and has a fine soft sharp look.

megan's entry

I did the final office chair with that set-up
and also the picture of Megan's entry.