OK, so I've been very bad and gotten a ticket in
Esmeralda County Nevada.  Can you believe it!

I unfastened my seat belt because I was hot and
wanted to take an outer shirt off and throw it in
the back.  Just then a NHP passes and sure enough
he turns right around and pulls us over.  $57 bucks!
I tell him I'll be seeing him in court!

The Honorable Juanita Colvin, J.P.
R. C. Co. 10X12 RR by Bausch & Lomb, 1 sec. f8

Anyways time passes and I don't pay the ticket and
now the only thing to do is drive to Goldfield to the
Esmeralda Justice court and pay it.  So I do.  But I
mention to the Honorable Mrs. Colvin that $57 is a
lot of money for honest folk to have to pay for taking
their outer shirt off so their wife can have the heater
blasting a while longer.  Judge Colvin says she'll
hold it in abeyance for six months and if I can manage
to keep out of trouble in the meantime, it'll dis-appear.

Upstairs Foyer & Skylight
Bausch & Lomb Zeiss Protar Series V 8X10, 11 sec. f64

Well, since my luck was running I asked if anyone
cared if I got the camera out and made some photos
inside the courthouse.  "Not at all."  I can have the
run of the place.  Cool.

Esmeralda Cty Recorders Office
Bausch & Lomb Zeiss Protar Series V 10X12, 19 sec. f64

The Esmeralda County Courthouse is very special.
Built and furnished in 1903, it has been in continuous
use ever since.  Esmeralda County Nevada is very
poor.  It is massive so there is a lot to maintain and
do, but there's no population to support it.  Goldfield,
a near ghost, is it's biggest place!  There are 3588 sq.
miles and about 1100 people!  Mind boggling!  There
are more people in Costco in So. Cal. on any given
saturday than one of the nations largest counties.

Esmeralda Cty Superior Court
Bausch & Lomb Zeiss Protar Series V 10X12, 45 sec. f64

What that means is that the Esmeralda County Court
House is hopelessly lost in a time warp...and I LOVE it.
It's so laid back that virtually no one paid any attention
to a guy with a camera that would have been equally
at home there 90 years ago.  I had my 1915-ish Korona
8X10.  I had just installed a new bellows, and this
was it's maiden voyage on it's second lifetime.

Esmeralda Cty Justice Court
R. C. Co. 10X12 RR by Bausch & Lomb, 19 sec. f32

Anything I asked Anybody to do, they just did like it
was the most natural thing in the world!  Juanita was
gracious enough to pose in her robes.  The sheriff
walked in and said he had seen a photo of the Goldfield
Hotel with a ghost on the stairway landing that was
enough to make a believer out of anyone.  That gave
me the idea........ :~'))

Apparition, Goldfield NV.
R. C. Co. 10X12 RR by Bausch & Lomb, 24 sec. f32

Angie grew up next door to me.  I knew her dad would
love a photo of her.  The 2 boys were just playing in the
halls while their mom was doing something.  It all just
fell into place.  I can't wait to go back and do some more.

R. C. Co. 10X12 RR by Bausch & Lomb, 1 sec. f22

Nuts and bolts.  My house flooded and my Minolta 1 degree
spot meter is...well...temporarily lost in the mess somewhere.
All I had was an ancient little cheap incident meter from
the 1960's.  It seemed to be working but some of the pics
are slightly underexposed.  I used the Korona and 3 new
2 me vintage lenses I'd never used before.  None had
working shutters.  That means the only thing I'd used
previously to this day was the Ries tripod.  The lenses
were a 10X12 R. C. Co. Rochester Symmetrical which is a
15+ inch Rapid Rectilinear of Bausch & Lomb mfr.,
a 10X12 Series V Protar of 8 3/8" and an 8X10 Series
V Protar of 7 1/8" focal.  I was pleased with the results!

Bright Future
R. C. Co. 10X12 RR by Bausch & Lomb, 1 sec. f16

Tell me what you think please!