Welcome to the Photography of
      Jim Galli

This site is just a simple home made place to share some
of the current work I'm doing.  The earliest pages are getting
quite dated.  You'll find some color and 35mm work there.

If you start at the bottom and work upward you'll find
much of the latest experimenting with antique portrait
lenses that I feel provide a unique signature in our current
sterile digital world.

It's 2015! Here's a page listing the latest current work with Soft and Sharp lenses.

Here's a new page of current work done in 2014!

Here is a list of my most recent work / dated.
Click here for some traditional color and b / w photographs of
A Night in the OLD West! Tonopah, 04-26-2008

1908 Great Race Commemorative Celebration March 22 2008!
Tonopah NV
Goldfield Nevada
Rhyolite Nevada and surrounding regions
The Belvada Building in Tonopah

Belmont NV
A 12-2004 Nevada Road Trip with the Eastman 5X7!
Ancient Bristlecone Forest
Bruce Barnbaum / Jay Dusard / Yousef Khanfar Workshop Photos Oct. 10-15th 2005
Wollensak Velostigmat 12"
The '40 Ford Portraits
B&L Petzval Portraits of Michael & Yousef
Lens Bokeh Studies
Pinkham & Smith Series IV Visual Qulaity vs. Verito vs. Voigtlander Euryscope Portrait
I Test 2 Old $5 Antique Brass Lenses on the 8X10
I Test a diminutive Gundlach 4" Petzval for BOKEH++ on 4X5
I Test an ancient Burke & James AJAX Petzval lens on the 9A
A page about "Shooting the West" in Winnemucca with photos done on the way home!!
The Tailgate Portraits! $14 B&L Vss $1400 Pinkham & Smith!
A page about how a $60 Conley Anastigmat trumps a Sironar-S!
Peach Blossom Bokeh! Eidoscope, Petzval & Imagon tested.
Some uncommon portraits...
Recent work with APHS litho film. '39 Pickup!
12X20 Photos in the Bristlecones at 11,500 elev!
A Most Productive Afternoon in Tonopah NV
Time Travel at the Kelly Foundry! Adam Skiles
Per Volquartz Eastern Sierra Workshop October 2006
The Porcelain Coffeepot Pictures
The Jim Galli Shutter!
3 1905-ish Bausch & Lomb lenses, @ Goldfield Nevada Courthouse
11X14 Portraits of Justus & Krista 03-25-2007
That ELUSIVE Swirly Bokeh, and some darn fine portraits anyway!
All in a Weekends Work! 5 Portrait Lenses Compared!
Cowboy Wedding! Darlot Petzval & Cooke Knuckler.
A Page that illustrates Soft - Sharp with a Spencer Portland Meniscus!
A Grand Dame Returns to Tonopah! Tonopah Mining Co. 1927 La Salle
Pictures of the 1907 Thomas Flyer, winner of the 1908 NY - Paris race!
The Japanese Lantern Pictures: 7 Antique Soft Focus Portrait Lenses Compared.
Apricot Blossoms: 8 Antique Soft Focus Portrait Lenses Compared. Paper Negatives!
A Purpose Built Soft Focus Protar VII.
The ShitPipe Lens
TTH "Cooke" Series III 8.5 inch f6.5 on Full Plate Tested
Jesus at 100!
A Page with some ROUND images on 4X5 with a WEE Petzval 96mm
150mm Hermagis Eidoscop Comparison Pictures
Pictures done with a Darlot Landscape Meniscus 12" on 4X5. Dreamy Soft
The Eddie Lens! Like an explosion in a mattress factory !
Pinkham's, Petzval's, & Petrol on Pater's Day 2008
Pinkham & Smith Series II Semi Achromatic 15" f6 images
Why doesn't anyone like the Bausch and Lomb Tessars? Soft focus 11X14 How To
Pinkham & Smith Series I Semi Achromatic 12" f6 TootsieToys!
Schneider Kreuznach Doppel Anastigmat Symmar 36cm f6.8! Tonopah Shacks!
A 3 Page Extravaganza! Carl Struss Pictorial
vss Pinkham - Smith V at the National Auto Museum, Reno.

A 2nd 3 Page Extravaganza! Oscar Zwierzina Plasticca
vss 2 Petzvals at the National Auto Museum, Reno.

A 3rd 3 Page Extravaganza! This time a NO NAME meniscus
to compare to the BIG BOYS! LBB & Co.

Goerz Celor 42CM on my 1929 Phaeton
The Lowly Versar!! Brought Up a Notch!
A page of still life images made with a 5" no-name petzval
Click HERE to order a Cirkut Panorama Photograph
made during the Tonopah Boomtown History Conference Aug 8 2009

A 4rth 3 Page Extravaganza!
Portraits & Pictures, Pinkham Bi-Quality, Voigtlander Euryscop,
Voigtlander Petzval, Wollensak Velostigmat Series II Fuzz-U-Lator,
Wollensak Beach Series B, Cooke Aviar & more

A Road Trip to retrieve a '29 Roadster! Heliar - Cooke IV - Petzval
Campbells old Chevrolet Dealership Building with a bevy of 4X5 lenses
Pictures done with a 6" f2.4 Gundlach Projection Petzval - VERY FAST!

Articles & Links
The True Story About The Legend of the NEVADA LENS MINE!!
A How2 Article with Answers about Packard Shutters!
An Article about How2 Measure Film Plane Depth VSS Ground Glass Surface
My Personal Formulae for developing APHS Lith Films
A How2 Article about how I cut Long Roll Aerial film into sheets.

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